Saturday, June 13, 2015

Another WarmaHordes Outing

Well, I didn't think it would take six months to the day from the first game, but I had my second game of Warmachine/Hordes a couple nights ago. Once again, it was my Skorne versus Mr. Schimpff's Cygnar. We played 35 points this time, and I was able to field three Titans thanks to HedonismBot's "Chain Gang" tier list.

This game was also the debut of my new terrain system: the board is made up of tiles from Secret Weapon's Tablescapes system (in this case, the "Rolling Fields" set), supplemented with hills and ponds from Kallistra and some woods from Citadel (which, ironically, took the longest time out of all this stuff to assemble, paint, and flock).

I think the table came out looking quite nicely. My actual gameplay, however, wasn't so nice. Six months proved far too long a gap, and I'd forgotten pretty much everything I'd picked up in the first game. W/H, as I soon remembered, is not a system that rewards muddling through. It's like chess; order of moves and combined arms count for everything, and you really need to think at least a couple moves ahead. During the first turn, I had that distinct feeling, not experienced since grade school, of showing up for a test and realizing you haven't studied at all adequately. Gradually, it all came filtering back, but by that point I'd all but lost the game.

On the other hand, my two Titan Gladiators did manage to have some fun rending puny humans limb from limb and tossing their corpses into other humans, so it wasn't a total loss...

Some pics from the game, then, taken by me and my opponent:

We've committed to not going so long again before our next game. Hopefully it'll be a bit closer next time!
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