Saturday, October 28, 2006

Short Update


It's been a while.

Miniatures have been on the back-burner, it's true. This is due to a variety of factors.

First, having to wait two months (plus) on my order from Mirliton. I mean, good for them that they took a month off, but to not leave a provision for shipping during that time? And then to send the package surface mail?

In the intervening time, RPGs have taken up the slack. But now I'm getting ready to get back to the miniatures in a hobby and professional sense...and that's got me thinking about Fantasy Warriors.

You see, I ordered some minis from Games Workshop to paint and sell. And just looking at them reminded me of how amazing current miniatures production is. The "old school" sculpts have a distinctive charm (I loved the Orc command minis I--eventually--received from Mirliton) and the patina of nostalgia...but damn, the idea of doing Fantasy Warriors with a mixture of GW, Reaper and whoever else just has alot of appeal.

For one thing, convenience. No need to order from Italy when a quick trip to the FLGS (in my case GameScape on Divisadero) will tend to most of my miniatures-buying needs.

Also, scale is a factor. Desiree ordered some female dwarves from Reaper to act as her Warchief and Battle Leaders. They look great, of course, but even though they skew small they still tower over the older Grenadier male dwarves. Using all contemporary sculpts would solve this problem...although there's still the scale creep of Rackham and imitators. It never ends! :)

Finally, if I want to sell this idea to friends or newbies, making miniatures acquisition as simple as possible is a major plus.

This is all just theory at this point anyway. I don't have any money to be pursuing an army from scratch at this time--and at any rate, I've got some Orcs to paint up so Des and I can go at it with our 1200 point armies!

P.S. What about the samurai? Oh, they'll have their day. I want to do a bit more research viz. banner density, and a couple conversions, but then the painting will begin in earnest. Once I'm done with my current job (in about a week!) I'll have a fair bit of free time--we'll see how much gets done then!

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