Saturday, July 26, 2014

Paint Table Saturday (7/26/14)

I missed last week's update due to being out of town and away from my computer all day. In the interim, my table's been filling up! Let's take a look:

Starting from the left of the frame, we see my growing WarmaHordes Skorne force. I finished up my Titan Gladiator this week (and will be posting photos soon) and am moving on to the others currently in my collection. This progress has stoked my enthusiasm for this project, and I've already started adding more figures, with some more on the way.

Moving to the right, we see a couple diorama projects I'm working on - a foray into 40mm scale that I'll be posting about at some point in the future, and then an RPG-related project for the King Arthur Pendragon campaign I'm working on.

Then, we've got my two Ronin factions that I pulled out today, figuring I might as well get a start on them.

Finally, peeking in from the right-hand frame, my remaining Legio Metalica titans for my Epic40K collection. They're half-painted at this point and waiting patiently for my Epic muse to return. Right now, I'm pretty gung-ho on the Skorne, and so the Skorne shall continue to hold my attention for the time-being.

As always, photos of completed models will be forthcoming as time allows. Til next week!

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