Monday, March 16, 2015

Epic Orks: Complete! (Mostly...)

[This was my eleventh entry for the Fifth Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, reposted here for folks not following that blog.]

And with this entry, my Epic40K Orks (and, by extension, by Epic40K project) is more or less finished. I say "more or less" because I've still got a unit of Freebooterz and a squadron of Fighta-Bommas to do, but the order for those figures is taking forever to arrive, and I'm not sure I'll be able to get them done in time for the conclusion of the Challenge. So we'll call this good enough for rock 'n' roll!

The final clan in my army is a "Wildboyz Horde". This is a clan similar to the Snakebites, but even more primitive - no guns whatsoever in the basic clan army! Purely melee, which suits my preferences just fine. At the very least, they'll prove an effective meat shield for the other two clans...

Figures are from MicroWorld's 6mm Fantasy range. A set of their "Orc Command" worked perfectly for the Wildboyz Nobs.

And here's the horde itself:

All set to hack, slash, and get gunned down...
Supplementing the horde are a trio of Squiggoths, massive hairy behemoths outfitted with armored howdahs bristling with smoothbore cannons and...mechanized extendo-grabby claws? Because those giant horns aren't scary enough, I guess...

And, of course, it couldn't be a "primitive" Ork horde without some Boarboyz. Obviously, these fellows have been outfitted with their own assault rifles courtesy of Da Blue Baron and are ready to cause some trouble.

My original Epic40K Ork army had some of these Boarboyz and they almost always proved surprisingly effective. Can't wait to see what sort of trouble they get up to in forthcoming games.

Little piggy snouts!
For the remainder of the Challenge, I'm planning on hitting a few odds and ends sufficient to get me up over my points goal. Getting my Epic forces complete was my primary goal for this Challenge, and it's still sinking in that I got there!

And because I've gotten a few requests, I'll leave off with some shots of the Ork Waagh! as it currently stands - an almost 6,000-point NetEpic army!

That's a Zuzzy "Wounded City" mat, which is scaled for 28mm but does the job well enough for now for Epic scale.

I threw in a classic Space Marine-era cardstock building to provide a sense of scale.

The whole lot (sans the two missing units...).


  1. Anonymous11:58 PM

    It's surreal to see a hairy squiggoth. They've moved in a very reptilian direction at this point. I love all the snippy bits (here and on the Gut Rippaz) that they used to have; at the standard scale claws have gotten a lot more intricate in form, but there's a certain Orky elegance to giant scissors. Are boar boyz statted differently than bikerz? We have a player who subs the former for the latter (with Cossack hats) for his 40k forces, though in fashion true to form they tend to die in terrain and never actually make combat.

    Can't wait to see some new battle reports with the forces all assembled!

    1. "Can't wait to see some new battle reports with the forces all assembled!"

      You and me both! I'm getting some terrain finished up, and I hope to start having a few games soon.

      As for boarboyz versus bikeboyz, the boars are slower by about a third but have a higher close combat factor. However, I usually try and take the "Cyboarz" Mekboy Repair Card, which gives them +2d6 movement and an extra die in close combat. :D

    2. Anonymous4:22 PM

      Cyboarz is the best thing I'm going to read today.

    3. :D


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