Monday, May 20, 2019

Goblin War Giant

The Grenadier Goblin War Giant weighs about 3.5 pounds (nearly 8 kg).

I mention this because there seems to be a direct correlation between the figure's weight and the time it took to paint it. Or maybe that was just me.

I can say that handling over three pounds of nearly-solid lead makes painting more than a little awkward at times. This definitely isn't the sort of thing you can just pop onto a holder and thoughtfully rotate a couple inches from your nose as you daub on paint!

Nevertheless, after about six weeks of on-and-off painting in the evenings, I finally got this sucker done.

All my Fantasy Warriors figures are getting my "old school" basing treatment: green paint, topped with simple flocking.

I decided while painting this guy that my gobbos' skin tones will match those given in the old AD&D Monster Manual for that extra throwback flavor. 

I'm immensely proud of how this turned out. Not only does it look great (if I do say so myself), but it's a real blast from my gaming past—oh how I drooled over the full-page ads for this bad boy in my old Dragon magazine ads back in the day! And now it's mine...all mine!! Muhahahaha!

Next up: switching gears to work on some ancients for DBA...but in a vernacular I've never painted before. Stay tuned!

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