Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ave Imperator!

About 10 years ago I ordered up a bunch of gladiators from Wargames Foundry with the aim of using them in a gladiator-centric RPG campaign. That project ended up aborting on the launchpad, and the figures went into a box and were more or less forgotten about.

Last year, while rooting through that dusty box, I rediscovered my gladiator collection and decided that they had toiled in obscurity long enough - it was time to get them out and slap some paint on! These were a lot of fun to paint, especially for all the skin tone work they required. Getting a good flesh effect is a standard I'm always aspiring to, so these were a fun challenge. In fact, I wasn't totally happy with how they'd turned out until I laid my hands on some Coat d'arms chestnut ink wash, which is an exact match for late, lamented Citadel shade of the same name. The bases aren't totally done, but it's close enough for vibrans ac volvens, as it were.

I made sure to get a nice mix; in addition to the usual suspects, we've got dwarfs and women and...a guy wearing a bull's head.

Ideally, I'll have a chance to put them to use in the service of a campaign of TWG's Red Sand, Blue Sky rules. If and when I do, I'll certainly blog about it here.

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