Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Fresh Jocks

At last, I've got some finished figures to share from my 28mm World War II project. This is an infantry squad, a PIAT team, a light mortar team, and the platoon command squad, all members of the 5th Black Watch, 51st Highland Division. I'll be shifting gears and painting up a selection of 21st Panzer Division Germans, and then I hope to get in a game of Operation Squad, hopefully by Memorial Day.

At any rate, on with the eye candy. Figures are a mix of Warlord metal and plastic, Artizan, Crusader, and Black Tree Design (with some West Wind heads thrown in for good measure!).

The whole group.

The Bren section; I'll probably be replacing that Bren gunner with a model I like better from Black Tree Design.

The infantry section.

The PIAT and mortar teams. I've got a "deployed" mortar team yet to paint up.

The platoon command.

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