Thursday, May 30, 2013

Minis Giveaway (No, Not Here...)

Seems like it's becoming a thing for miniatures-gaming bloggers to give away some of their backlogged figures in observance of some milestone or another being reached. I have no problem with this trend (and may take part in it myself some day if I happen to reach a suitably celebratory point), but I rarely see items that I can truly justify adding to my collection.

Ah, but Mike of Trouble at T'Mill has finally tempted me with today's prize, and so I'm putting in a vote to try and win some vintage, pre-slotta Citadel figures. They'd go great with my growing "Magnamund" collection, of which I'll probably write about one of these days.

At any rate, head on over and check out the contest. Only, if you sign up for today's prize, be sure to plump for Commissar Yarrick - those "Brettonians" are mine!

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