Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Selling Figures, Looking for Figures

First up, since I've decided to shift gears slightly in terms of my collection, I'm selling some of my WWII minis. Two separate lots, one of British, the other German. If you admired my painted Jocks from a previous post, they're up for grabs in this auction, so take a look!

Painted 28mm WWII British Squad and More!

28mm WWII German Infantry and Tanks

Second, with the death of Ray Harryhausen I've been thinking about starting a third fantasy army. I've got an army of skeletons (including an overt Harryhausen tribute in the form of my undead hoplites) and an army of amazons - it's got a definite pulp fantasy vibe. Armies of Arcana has a list for an army made up entirely of Giants; I thought it might be fun to do an army of cyclopes and other titan-types. Anyone know a good source for suitable figures? I'd also welcome any other suggestions for manufacturers that make a line suitable for a pulp fantasy Harryhausen/Frazetta vibe - hairy barbarians, sinister fishmen, or anything else along those lines. Pointers would be much appreciated. If I get a good handful of suggestions, I might even run a poll and let my esteemed leadership decide!

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