Friday, February 13, 2015

Reaver and Warhound Titans - Better Late Than Never!

In the course of posting my Titan Defense Company, I realized I'd never gotten around to posting pics of my completed Reaver and Warhound Titans as promised last April. Along with my four Warlord Titans, these comprise the entirety of my Iron Skulls (Legio Metalica) force. I actually finished painting them last summer, but I got distracted by a rather large home redecorating project that followed immediately here they are, better late than never!

These Reavers were picked up along with my plastic Warlords in that initial eBay auction that got me back into this whole Epic jag. I was particularly excited about landing these guys, as I never had any of my own back in the day and they are quite possibly my favorite Titan design, bar none.

They painted up quite nicely; the Legio Metalica color scheme is particularly well-suited to this class of Titan. I slapped a spare purity seal on one of them, and I designed some banners but have yet to go through with the process of painting and mounting them because, frankly, I kind of like how the Reavers are looking without any further adornment. We'll see if I feel like adding them in the future.

And here are the Warhounds, another model of Titan I didn't actually own in my original Epic days.

When I was younger, I didn't particularly care for these guys design-wise, but nowadays I'm finding I like them a lot more. They fit on the same size of base that I'm using to mount my tanks, they're that small!

I'd love to run a Heresy-era list that used all four of these guys as my sole Titan complement against, say, one or two Warlords - it would make for an interesting cat-and-mouse scenario.

And here's the lot:

I'll have to set up a photoshoot soon with the entire Titan Legion on display...

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