Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The Last Malifaux Roundup

[This was my fifth entry for the Fifth Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, reposted here for folks not following that blog.]

In my last post, I mentioned that I'd finally managed to track down the original Perdita Ortega miniature for my Latigo Posse crew for Malifaux. Well, the lot I won on eBay also came with a few of the other first-edition Ortega sculpts, and wouldn't you know that I preferred them to the current plastic offerings as well.

(Yeah, that's right - I'm giving Malifaux the Oldhammer treatment! I hereby coin the term "Malif-Old" for those of you who want to take up the banner as well.)

All joking aside, as I've mentioned before, sometimes the newer plastics are my cup of tea, and sometimes it's the older metals. It's nice, actually, to have a bit of variety to choose from. And at the end of the day, of the three metal models here only one actually replaced a plastic.

And here he is: Papa Loco. The older metal sculpt has waaaay more character than the new plastic, and his role as a crazy dynamite-chucker is much more clearly laid out here.

Once patriarch of the Ortega clan, Papa Loco is now a shell of his former self. His recent time as an inmate in Malifaux Sanitarium did little to help his addled mind, and he still dresses in the accouterments of that grim institution.

It didn't quite come out in the photo, but the placard from his time in the asylum identifies him as Inmate 24601...

A new addition to the clan (and the final "brother" figure) is Santiago, the resident tank of the family.

As you can see from his burly build, he's tailor-made to go wading into combat, shrugging off whatever the enemy throws at him.

I did do a bit of customizing with his guns; I didn't like how cartoony his sculpted guns were, so out came the clippers and off came the hands and guns to be replaced by more reasonable (yet still threatening) smoke wagons.

Lastly, we have Perdita's "pet" - an Enslaved Nephilim. The Ortegas hunt the demons endemic to Malifaux, the Neverborn. Among the worst of their kind are the giant winged demons known as Nephilim.

The Ortegas, willing to do anything to win the battle against the Neverborn, captured a juvenile Nephilim and clipped its wings off, then bound it to enchanted shackles that prevent it from growing and force it to do their will.

Hey, no one ever said the Ortegas were particularly nice people...

So that makes three 28mm figures for 15 points, and a bow tied on my Malifaux project (for now...). Next week, I'll be going small for the first time in years...


  1. nice-looking Malifaux you got there...would be a shame if they were to encounter the Torch and Blade and, I dunno, get set on fire....continuously....

    1. Joke's on you--I painted these figures using asbestos-infused paint! Ha ha!


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