Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Moving on to Malifaux

So while I excitedly await reams of Skorne errata for my Hordes collection, My Esteemed Opopnent and I decided to move on to Malifaux.

To be more specific, I "refereed" a Malifaux game yesterday, as My Esteemed Opponent brought his equally-esteemed girlfriend to give the game a try. To no one's surprise, she ended up really enjoying herself, and the evening ended with her making plans to pick out a crew of her own. I've got my fingers crossed for some sort of campaign or at least semi-regular Malifaux play this year.

This game was the Guild's own Sonnia Criid and her Witchling Stalkers messing with the Viktorias and their all-lady crew of Outcasts. Our new player took the Outcasts and got into the game immediately, doing a great job of sticking to her Schemes despite coming under the fiery attacks of Sonnia and her napalm-hurling minions.

Seriously, when you go up against Criid, be prepared to see lots and lots of BURNING tokens on the table. I've seen this crew in action once before and it was brutal. Sadly for My Esteemed Opponent, he made the Classic Malifaux Mistake™of losing track of his Schemes in favor of going after blood for blood's sake. By Turn 4, he realized it had become impossible for him to win due to a combination of losses and ignoring his Schemes, and so conceded. And so the plucky Outcasts managed to not only Defend Their Turf but also Plant Evidence implicating Criid and her crew in some tomfoolery or another.

As I said, I'm looking forward to playing more Malifaux; my one critique of the game is that it runs verrrrrry slowwwwwwwly when you're first learning the game and your crew; this is easily solved, but not if you go more than a year between games like we did!

Here are some shots from the game. It ended up largely revolving around the wagon in the middle of the intersection. The board looks a little sparse to my eyes (though it's still way more crowded than what we're used to with WarmaHordes!). I've got 2-3 more buildings in my painting queue, plus more scatter terrain, so future urban encounters should be a bit more crowded...

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