Monday, March 13, 2017

More Malifaux!

Since my last post I've managed to put in a couple more games of Malifaux.

I've been getting my ass handed to me by My Esteemed Opponent, mainly because he is a very good player but also because he's got his Sonnia Criid crew dialed in and I continue to try out different crews to see how they play, which means it's mostly a steep learning curve for me every time.

These past two games, I've played first the Ortegas (Guild) and then Yan Lo (Ten Thunders/Resurrectionists). Both were lots of fun to play. Lists are reproduced below.

Ortegas (35 SS)

  • Perdita Ortega
  • Papa Loco
  • Abuela
  • Santiago
  • Guild Austringer
  • Hans
I thought the Ortegas would be good against Criid with their emphasis on ranged attacks, but I had trouble coordinating their signature chain-activation ability...and then the flames started raining down. :-/

So many Burning markers...

The game ended up with Hans the sole survivor and pretty crushing loss on my part.

Ten Thunders (35 SS)

  • Yan Lo
    • Reliquary Upgrade
  • Chiaki the Niece
  • Soul Porter
  • Ashigaru (3)
  • Penanggalan
I fared a bit better in my second game. I chose two Schemes with good synergy ("Breakthrough" and the Ten Thunders-specific theme, "Watchful Eyes"), both of which require depositing Scheme Markers near deployment zones. Unfortunately, I was unable to effectively defend a couple of my markers, as My Esteemed Opponent sowed his usual death and destruction—though not to the same extent as in the Ortega game! I'm definitely learning some effective counter-measures against Sonnia's mastery of the Burning marker the hard way, though.

(I really should take a look at some of those tactical guides on Pull My Finger one of these days...)

Speaking of Burning markers, My Esteemed Opponent showed up for this game with some badass custom 3-D printed markers! The condition markers even have tiny little magnets embedded that hold them together. The future is now, everyone.

A glimpse at the Criid crew

I still have a couple other crews I want to try out: the Dreamer (who I played once before to horrendous result) and the Brewmaster (and his trusty Whiskey Golem!). We'll see how that goes...

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  1. When the fire starts to burn
    There's a lesson you should learn
    Something something and you'll see
    You'll avoid catastrophe!


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